Hashtags is a web-store seeking to equip Christians, in a new and interesting way, to contribute to social discussions and, ultimately, share the hope that has been given to us! By wearing a # on your chest, you suddenly become a "status". Your apparel becomes a hashtag - you become a message!

Your message is Christ!

On January 8, 2012, Twitter exploded! 9,420 people per second were expressing their opinion of an extraordinary individual, Tim Tebow. This display of public commentary snagged the #2 slot for the sports related amount of Tweets-per-Second. Measuring this explosion was a special character inserted right before his name: #

Twitter has altered the way we communicate. This simple symbol now holds a lot of power as it has come to represent trending topics in social discussion. In order to join in any particular discussion you must adorn your tweets with hashtags pertaining to the topics of your choice. For example: "#Tim Tebow is my hero!" I was not only able to voice my opinion to the number of followers that I have but also to the hundreds of thousands of Tebow fans that are following the discussion. The impact is huge!

Durring the BCS championship game, Tim Tebow threw 316 total passing yards and broke the yards-per-completion record with an astounding 31.6! Twitters top-trending topic became "John 3:16" - the Bible Verse that Tebow had written on his eye paint.

In this instance, the Gospel of Christ was shared using an online, social discussion tool - THAT is our goal!

Let's start trending!

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